James Bulgar case: Should Jon Venables and Robert Thompson have been released?

Asked by: SegBeg
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  • The severity of the crime was too much.

    I think the severity of the crime these two young men committed was just too horrific for them to ever have been released. I mean James Bulgar was only two years old and them beat him, spilled paint in his eyes, stuck batteries up his anus and then tied him to the train tracks for a train to hit him and die and then the police found his body sliced in half. That is too upsetting and the parents were obviously devastated which led to them divorcing. I'm sorry but they should not have been released. Plus. Venables has re offended since he was with him posting nude pictures of children and other forms of pornography and he even lived in the same neighbourhood that Bulgar's mother did. They should be in prison serving a life sentence!!!

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