• Jamea Garner will live forever

    James Garner left behind and amazing legacy that will never be forgotten. His work appeals to all ages and is in many ways timeless. I think the generations to come with watch his films not only for enjoyment but as an example of the excellence of the work of his generation.

  • The Notebook is a classic.

    Yes, the next generation will watch James Garner's films, because our generations watches the great classics that are a generation older. Just like we watch "It's a Wonderful Life," so will the younger generation watch "The Notebook." We will pass it on to them because James Garner's role in the film is classic.

  • James Garner who?

    Honestly there is little to no debate on this one. Most of the next generation hasn't a clue who James Garner is. I don't see his films making any kind of comeback since his death. I truly believe the next generation is onto bigger things than this overall. If mom or dad is a huge fan then some will carry on but otherwise not seeing this happen.

  • Viewship will drop, but not disappear.

    As with many movies, the younger generation will probably not watch James Garner films. Of course, there will always be the exceptions that for whatever reason stumble upon the movies and enjoy them, but for the most part, the next generation will not watch these films simply because they are outdated.

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