Janel Parrish controversy: should dirty dancing be allowed on Dancing with the Stars?

  • Dirty Dancing with the Stars

    yes I believe "dirty dancing" should be allowed on Dancing with the Stars. Yes it is technically a "family show" but all styles of dance should be able to be showcased, as it is a form of art. Some styles of dance may be considered "dirty" in one country, but not another. I don't think we should censor a stylistic choice. Miley Cyrus has done more "dirty dancing" than Janel Parrish did on dancing with the stars.

  • What is dirty dancing?

    I love that description dirty dancing. What does it mean? And to who is it concerned or directed to? When that movie came out, it was considered dirty then for the time period. Now with the younger generation, that dancing is for seniors in senior homes. So what is dirty dancing?

  • Dirty Dancing is Wrong

    Dirty Dancing is just plain wrong and shouldn't be on TV, much less a show that is watched by kids and teens. We need to ban all kinds of sexual dancing on that show. The show is bad enough with skimpy costumes. Can't we just have some family entertainment already?

  • Drirty dancing is indecent

    No, because dirty dancing is not condoned by most societies and religions.Dirty dancing is a routine that should be done in privacy maybe in the nightclubs and other adult places,moreover this kind of dance should never be allowed in any place where children are present such as the dancing with the stars show.

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