January 2016 has been recorded by NASA as the warmest month on record - is this proof of climate change?

  • Yes, the record warmth recorded in January 2016 is a sign of climate change.

    Scientists have been warning for years about oncoming climate change. Until recently, their warnings had fallen on deaf ears. Because of that we are beginning to see the effects of climate change. January 2016 was a record month for warmth. It is likely that future months will continue this trend and break more heat records.

  • Increasing worldwide temperatures are proof of climate change

    Many countries are experiencing warmer than normal winters. I live in Vancouver BC and for many years it has been difficult for local ski hills to maintain any snow. It used to be, even 10 years ago, that these local hills would be able to maintain their business until the end of February. This is no longer so. Many countries are experiencing weather extremes. To me, that is better proof of climate change.

  • Not exactly the most appropriate definition of proof.

    Not necessarily stating anything against climate change, but a single account of warmth is not empirical evidence alone. Proof of climate change is only found through a compilation of simple random sample data sets, accounting for a broad range of factors such as CO2 emissions, atmospheric conditions, pollution rates, and average global warmth. So while it may be in favor of the climate change agenda, it is not proof alone.

  • This alone is not proof of climate change.

    I believe in climate change, but I don't think the January 2016 numbers are a great indicator of climate change. This is an El Nino year, which is known for warm weather patterns. I would be more interested to see if January 2017 and January 2018 will also be the warmest months on record.

  • Weather is cyclic

    If you look at records from past years, since they began keeping records, I am sure you can find other trends like we are seeing today. That is not to say that climate is not changing, because it is, but not at the fast rate people claim it is. We are certain to have more cold Januarys in years to come.

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