Japan crime: should the U.S. adopt some of Japan's crime-control tactics?

  • The U.S. should adopt some of Japan's crime-control tactics

    The U.S should adopt some of Japan's crime-control tactics. This will help in reducing the crime in various states of the U.S. Japan has been very tough in implementing all their rules and this has helped in reducing their crime rates considerably. Following this in US would really be a good idea.

  • Yes, the US needs to crack down on crime

    Japan has seen declining crime rates, due to its successful crime-control tactics, including the use of video surveillance. This has made the streets of Japan safer for all citizens. We need to seriously look at what is working for other countries and apply these methods in the US before things get any more out of control.

  • Some of It Would be Unconstitutional

    Maybe a few of Japan's tactics, but not all of them, some of them would violate our constitution. In Japan, the police can hold you for up to THREE WEEKS without even accusing you of a crime, that is a flat out violation of human rights.

    I would chose dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery anyday.

  • No, America is in a different situation

    Japan's low crime rate is because of many sociological and economic factors. America is different in many ways and what works for them will not necessarily work for us. Adopting Japan's laws without careful analysis of each measure is a reckless and irresponsible move. In particular, a ban on guns in the U.S., aside from being unconstitutional might raise crime rates especially since the country is so saturated with guns, which gives criminals easy access to them.

  • Every culture is different

    Japan boasts an extremely high confession rate, so high in fact that people often admit to crimes they did not commit due to the extremely harsh interrogation tactics Japanese police use. Other nations decapitate people for stealing, and others give mass murderers video game systems. Every culture is different and as such behaves and reacts differently. In order to police one's nation, we must look at our problems from our own mindset.

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