Japanese arcade pioneer and 'Father of Pac-Man' has died: Are there any good video games today?

  • How Is This Even A Question?

    Want a group battle game? Super Smash Bros. Want a puzzle game? Portal. Don't want to be lazy? Wii sports resort. Want an obstacle game? Crossy Road. Adventure game? Super Mario Odyssey. Want a fun, energetic group game? Just dance. And that's only a peak at a very long list. Pac-man was the begging of all, and it evolved into a bunch of different types. Just choose a type that you like; I have no doubt you'll find some good games to go along with it. Just sit back and have some fun with it!

  • Yes, but they're different

    Video game technology has come such a long way that folks don't recognize our oldie but goodie games. In terms of pixels and visuals there's no competition, but Pac Man was groundbreaking for it's time and still has plenty of fans. There's a reason why classic NES consoles are so hot now. There are good games now, like the Uncharted series, and the MLB, NHL, and FIFA titles, but how people play and how they experience them is so different.

  • Yes, there are many good video games today.

    The video gaming industry is full of wonderful games today. Yes, Pac-Man started it all. Of course we owe a lot of respect to the Father of Pac-man. However, this does not mean that none of the video games today are no good. There are countless popular video game franchises.

  • The best were simple.

    No, there are not good video games today, because they are too complicated and they are not easy enough to understand. Two-dimensional video games were easy enough to process for most people. Also, in the old days, when you lost in a video game, you lost. Today it seems like you have unlimited life.

  • No, they are all formulaic and derivative.

    Pac-Man was new and interesting. it was something no one had really seen, up to that point. Video games are becoming boring. They are all the same now. They are "cookie-cutter" games with only small differences. Character is given a quest. Character has tools for quest. Character must go through different levels to achieve quest. Character must fight their way through each level. Character eventually achieves quest. They might be fantasy or military or zombies, but they are all basically the same.

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boiiiiiiiiiiiii says2017-01-31T15:14:43.357
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