Japanese company replaces office workers with artificial intelligence: Is human workforce under threat from technology?

  • Yes, definately it is.

    Human workforce is under threat from technology and what the Japanese company did is a one sign that in the near future all companies will fully automate their activities their by requiring no workforce. Organizations are embracing robots because they deem them efficient, accurate and affordable as compared to human workforce.

  • Certain Types of Jobs Are Threatened by Technology

    Certain areas of the workforce will significantly be impacted by the advancement of technology and will result in a loss of jobs for people and replacement with robots or computers. This includes factory jobs, manufacturing, and secretaries. Other types of jobs won't be so impacted by the advent of more advanced technology, such as health care workers, artists, teachers and law enforcement officers.

  • Yes, the human workforce is under threat from technology.

    Yes, the human workforce is under threat from technology. Over the past decades, many jobs that used to be held by humans have been transferred to machines. Examples of this include vending machines and the automatic teller machine. It is only a matter of time before other jobs are done by machines.

  • It sure is

    Our human workforce has been under threat from technology for quite some time, just ask the autoworkers from the 1970s and 1980s. We are the smarter of the two, however, and the workforce will just have to adapt - as it has, time and time again. Our science can clone animals. I bet you money that somewhere on the earth, they have already cloned humans. That is more worrying to me than technology in the workforce.

  • Improve Work and Money

    When creating the artificial intelligence, yes, it can be partly costly however they would not have to deal with the paychecks ever. This would help save them with some salary charges and a small spike of funds do to the less amount needed to pay.
    Not only would it help not to have to go through so much trouble of creating the salaries for the workers, but the artificial intelligence would do a much superior job, with little to no mistakes rather than the many human errors, making them more reliable. And they could even do a possible of a much quicker and efficient job than their human workers.
    That is why I believe you should stand with me in affirmation toward this argument.

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