Japan's Cyber Homeless: Should people be allowed to live in cyber cafes?

  • If they are customers

    People should be allowed to live wherever they want. I see no point to requiring someone to buy a home and live their life paying off a home loan. If the business owner of a cyber cafe does not have a problem with a homeless person being there, why should anyone else? Discrimination is discrimination.

  • Everyone needs a home..

    You never know why a person is homeless or how they got to being homeless. And everyone needs a shower and deserves to feel safe, especially from violence and from the elements. From what I understand, the cyber cafes in Japan have bathrooms that are equipped with showers. I feel that as long as the facility isn't being abused or that the company's business isn't being interrupted, that people should be allowed to continuously use the facilities.

  • I don't think it's clean for people to live in cyber cafes

    I think the cyber homeless of Japan are too much living in their cyber world to care where they sleep so that's why there are more and more people sleeping in the cyber cafes. I don't think the owners of the cafes should have to keep up with people like that.

  • Cafes are Not Homes!

    Cyber cafes are great for relaxing or getting online, but they should not be used as housing. The cafes are not subject to regulations like other housing options area. In addition, regular customers will not want to visit these cafes if they see other patrons using them for full-time housing.

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