Jared Fogle's ex-wife sues Subway, claiming the company knew about the abuse. Is she just trying to get money?

  • Yes, I think so.

    The woman reeks of desperation, desperation for money. If anyone should have known he was a weirdo, it should of been her. I want all of his victims to sue her ..... you don`t sleep in the same bed next to someone for so many years and not suspect or know something isn`t right, if she had blown the whistle earlier instead of enjoying the cash, maybe someone could have been saved from his vile abuse.

  • Yes, she is just trying to get money.

    Yes, she is just trying to get money because she does not have any real case against Subway. Sure, Subway should be punished for knowing about their spokesperson's crime, but why should Fogle's ex-wife get any money for it? She married the man. Should she be rewarded? It does not seem like justice.

  • Not just trying

    It's fair to assume that with Jared in prison, his wife is probably a lot harder off for money than she has been in a while. It's also fair to assume that she has a valid reason to think that Subway knew about the abuse. Companies pretty thoroughly vet people far more than individuals do.

  • No, she is not.

    It is a little questionable that she is trying to do this now, unless she just found out that they knew about the abuse. She may or may not have known, and if she did, she should have come forward sooner. But it is not likely that she just wants money as the lawsuit is very expensive.

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