• Yes he will.

    Jared Kushner might turn out to be Donald Trump's most trusted advisor. Jared Kushner being Donald Trumps son-in-law, he might trust to work with him closely more than any other individual. This is because this is family and no one wants to hurt family. I don't see anything wrong with granting him this position.

  • I think we will find out soon that he is.

    Kushner has stayed out of the limelight so far but it makes sense that with his family connections, he may prove to be a significant man in the Trump administration. I think Kushner will have considerable influence but we may not get to know about it. Trump called Clinton crooked but the coming days will show that he and his family are the most crooked of all.

  • Jared Kushner will not be Donald Trump's most trusted adviser

    There is no way that Jared Kushner will be Donald trumps most trusted adviser. Kushner is nothing but a family relation with absolutely no political experience. While he may lend some financial wherewithal, Trump will get his expertise from better and brighter minds Ben Kushner. Trump needs to be extremely serious about his search for his cabinet members.

  • It is futile to judge someone's performance prematurely

    While Kushner does appear to be highly qualified to be an advisor for the presidency, it is unwise to judge someone's merit or status before they have had a chance to perform their duties. Kushner will have plenty of time to prove himself in the coming months, and it can only be hoped that he will perform well as an advisor.

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