Jean Kasem throws meat at her step-daughter: Should Jean Kasem be charged criminally for throwing meat?

  • An uncontrolled outburst indicates a problem

    Any person who cannot control themselves is potentially very dangerous. If she lashes out in anger and throws anything at another person, she is not capable of controlling her emotions and could harm someone the next time she has an outburst. Her step-daughter has a right to feel safe and protected by the law.

  • Jean Kasem Was Violent

    Jean Kasem was doing a violent act, regardless of what she threw. She probably threw meat because that was what was close at hand for her to grab. What if it had been a rock or something more dangerous? She could have seriously hurt her step-daughter. And she is a mature adult who clearly knows better!

  • Yes, throwing meat is violent criminal behavior.

    Criminal law is concerned with ensuring that individuals conduct themselves in a manner which is civil and non-threatening. It is in the interest of society that when a person acts violently towards another that they be appropriately sanctioned. Jean Kasem is a member of society. When Jean Kasem threw meat at her step-daughter she disregarded society's laws. She also violated her step-daughter's right to feel safe from violence. As Jean Kasem acted criminally she should be criminally charged.

  • Assault charges are a little much

    No one was hurt in the incident so assault charges are probably a little extreme, but Jean Kasem should be forced to seek some sort of mental health assistance. The incident stems from her refusing to take her husband to a doctor, despite him being critically ill, and the daughter having to get a court order to take him. He should be remanded into the daughter's care so that he can get the medical attention he needs so that his Bible nonsense, meat chucking wife doesn't let him die.

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