Jeff Gordon wins at Indy for record fifth time: Should Jeff Gordon retire?

  • Yes, He Should

    Jeff Gordon has had an impressive career but he should move over and retire so those behind him have a chance to participate in the sport. I think Jeff Gordon has done his part and shown his abilities throughly at this point and he could find better/different income streams if he chose to do it.

  • Don't Quit While Your Ahead

    Why should Jeff Gordon retire? To give the rest of them a chance to be on top? I know people say quit while your ahead but why should he? If he wants to continue impressing the world and prolong his record breaking spree, why not? His fans would be sorely disappointed if he quit though I guess the competition would be happy.

  • No, he shouldn't

    Obviously if he is continuing to win and remain relevant in the sport then there is no reason that he should leave racing which is something he loves. He still has a ton of fans and people that watch specifically for him. I think he is an asset to racing and one of the most well known brands

  • No,Jeff Gordon will continue his race career.

    No,Jeff Gordon will continue his driving career.As we known,Jeff Gordon is an American professional stock car racing driver,and he is famous for NASCAR winner.More,his age is allowed him to drive in the furture,and no one can over his NASCAR record.So, he can continue his race career.By the way, he likes driving very much.

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