• Jeff Sessions will be confirmed

    Jeff Sessions will be easily confirmed as the Atty. Gen. of the United States. Much like the attacks that took place on trumped during the presidential election, the same is currently happening to Jeff sessions. And the result will be exactly the same– An overwhelming victory for Sessions and Donald Trump.

  • Jeff Sessions will be confirmed.

    Since Harry Reid eliminated the filibuster as an option for cabinet level appointees, all of Mr. Trump's picks will get through. That is even more true for Mr. Sessions because he is a Senator. It is likely that some of the Democratic Senators will vote to confirm because a no vote would be a waste and they want to maintain a good relationship with a former colleague.

  • Yes, I think so.

    Being anti illegal immigration is not at all about race, it is about protecting wages and working conditions for all worker sin this country. LA County has 2 million illegal immigrants and not a single farm, which jobs are they doing? US need mandatory E Verify and they need to start punishing employers who are exploiting workers. Sessions will do something about it.

  • Unfortunately, he probably will

    As much as I can't bear the thought of that man being in such as powerful position, I am afraid there are enough people in Congress that "like" him for him to be confirmed. He's a Republican, and the entire Congress is now controlled by Republicans, which means that they are going to make sure he gets the votes.

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