Jeffery Morgan and Paul Rudd buy candy shop after owner passed away: Will they keep the legacy alive?

  • Yes, for a while.

    Yes, the new owners of the candy shop will keep the legacy of the previous owner alive, for a while. They will continue to run the business as before. Over time, it will begin to change as the new owners incorporate their own ideas into the shop. But there will probably always be some element that honors the previous owner.

  • Yes, they will keep the legacy alive.

    Yes, they will keep the legacy alive because they are both very good people and are doing this to help the candy shop live on. They do not need any more money, so they are not looking at the store as a way to make a profit. They are doing this out of the goodness of their hearts.

  • I think they will.

    It was nice of both of them to buy the shop after the owner passed away. Since both of them are busy with their acting careers, I doubt they will have the time or the intention to change the way the candy shop operates. I think the candy shop's former owner's legacy will remain alive and well.

  • No, Morgan and Rudd will not keep the candy shop owner's legacy alive.

    No, Jeffery Morgan and Paul Rudd will not keep the legacy of this candy store's late owner alive simply by virtue of purchasing it. These two men are very successful and busy celebrities who have much more to worry about than a candy shop. It is my concern that this was a passing phase and the store will lose their attention.

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