• The Watchtower is a mind control cult

    They claim Jesus came back in 1914. Keep changing their doctrines to win more converts. Women are being brainwashed and chosen to deliver their false doctrine. These people are beyond help. No local church will challenge them. So many changes to leadership and trying to impress the public leads to wacky converts.

  • They are absolutely insane

    To paraphrase Ricky Gervais, any doctrine which denies it's followers life saving medicine in favour of prayer is pure evil. I cannot understand why a J.W would deny themselves a blood transfusion which would save their life but when they deny life saving treatment to their innocent children that is MURDER. No matter what religion you are and from what culture you originate, killing children is wrong. They are clearly absolutely insane to deny their children life saving treatment and genuinely believe they are right to do so.

  • No more so than any other religion

    I think all religions are pretty crazy personally. But everyone has the right to believe in whatever deity or religious doctrines they want to. I'd never define a Jehova Witness as a "demented" or "crazy" person, singling them out as crazy and other religions not so, now that is crazy.

  • Not crazy - different- they are not mainstream, for sure, and not very popular,- their translation is actually very scholarly .

    About their translation ---according to scholars --it's good. But according to religious people --they really don't like it. It's better to do your own research --and make up your own mind. Some linguists have examined modern Bible translations—including the New World Translation—for examples of inaccuracy and bias. One such scholar is Jason David BeDuhn, associate professor of religious studies at Northern Arizona University in the United States. In 2003 he published a 200-page study of nine of “the Bibles most widely in use in the English-speaking world.”* His study examined several passages of Scripture that are controversial, for that is where “bias is most likely to interfere with translation.” For each passage, he compared the Greek text with the renderings of each English translation, and he looked for biased attempts to change the meaning. What is his assessment?

    BeDuhn points out that the general public and many Bible scholars assume that the differences in the New World Translation (NW) are due to religious bias on the part of its translators. However, he states: “Most of the differences are due to the greater accuracy of the NW as a literal, conservative translation.” While BeDuhn disagrees with certain renderings of the New World Translation, he says that this version “emerges as the most accurate of the translations compared.” He calls it a “remarkably good” translation.

  • Let me guess...

    Are you referring, per chance, to MadCornishBiker? I don't think *all* Jehovah's Witnesses are crazy and demented. There are people in every type of religion who have more unusual views and ways of getting those views across. It's like a non-violent form of extremism. Some, but not necessarily all. He's part of a vocal minority.

  • From experience, I believe the institution and faith is twisted and warped, but...

    For those familiar with this cult, it is obvious that Jehovah Witnessism is based on a twisted and warped version of the Bible that has been created/reworked to suit a their own special brand of ideology, system of control and brainwashing. I would, however, hardly consider any of the Witnesses that I have known in my lifetime to be crazy and demented. They seemed quite normal to me in the outside world. They just ascribed to some crazy beliefs.

  • "Crazy" and "demented" are pushing it.

    Do I find the JW sect of Christianity to be a valid belief? No- I don't even find more mainstream Christianity to be a valid belief. However, just because a person adheres to a belief I find unsupported or even absurd doesn't make that person "crazy" or "demented".
    And why does it seem like the 40,000 denominations of Christianity just can't stop slandering each other?

  • I don't know…

    I am a little stuck between both sides. I mean, I honestly don't know. I mean, I have a friend who is Jehovah Witness and he is pretty cool. I wouldn't say he is demented or crazy! He is a little weird though. I don't know. Don't take my word for it. My friend isn't demented so I picked this side. People who say this religion is crazy, in my opinion, is rude. All religions are religions. They all have beliefs. Not everyone is going to agree, but you should never call a religion crazy!

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Stefy says2015-03-30T20:46:28
Thats just a little bigoted...
yuko.chii says2018-05-03T23:13:23.360
This is really bigoted tbh