Jehovah's Witnesses Sex Abuse Allegations: Do religions set up an environment that encourages sex abuse?

  • Yes, Religions cover this type of activity

    Religion creates a safe space for young children in which they feel safe, but they are also being instructed by religious leaders who are in a position of authority over them. These two factors can make children feel like they can not report any instances of sexual abuse, because they were in the wrong. Additionally, many religious organizations, such as the Catholic Church and Jehovah's Witness', have covered up these allegations and stood by the abusers.

  • Yes, religions set up an environment that encourages sex abuse.

    Yes, religions set up an environment that encourages sex abuse because they make it so hard to be with someone that their followers love. Religious followers often feel repressed and then act on their passions in horrible ways. People need to be free to do what they want, otherwise they will commit crimes.

  • No, religions do not set this type of environment.

    Most religions do not intend to set up an environment that leads to sex abuse. Unfortunately, the world is full of some very bad people. Sometimes these bad people make it into positions of power: government, education, religion. Even though religions groups don't encourage an environment of sex abuse, they must do more to report allegations and protect victims.

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