Jerry Springer Born in WWII London Station: Will the TV Icon Rise to Fame Again?

  • Yes, he will.

    Yes, Jerry Springer will likely rise to fame again. Not because he was born in a London station, but because he has experience in entertainment. With enough drive, he'll come up with a show that audiences will find interesting enough to watch. As viewership goes up, his fame increases, too.

  • Yes, there is a good chance Jerry Springer will rise to fame again

    Yes, there is a good chance Jerry Springer will rise to fame again. Jerry Springer made is talk show a hit even though it had very little plot of worth to society. This shows that Jerry Springer knows how to make money and he will do whatever it takes to take his new show to the next level.

  • Jerry Will Not Rise to Fame Again

    Despite where Jerry Springer was born, it does not change what he has done in the past or his potential for the future. He is someone who has typecast himself into a certain role and it's one that people aren't that interested in any more. Trying to find a new style of career will be difficult for him.

  • I think he's done

    I don't think Jerry Springer will rise again. I think in terms of timing and having an audience for his type of show, that his time has passed. He's not really been out of the public eye, but he's not going to be a huge draw again. There are different celeb-talkers in his 'spot' now.

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