• "Palestinians" are just Arabs and already have their own homeland: Jordan

    The Arab-Israeli conflict, as we all know, began with the surrounding Arab countries attacking the Jewish state of Israel in May of 1948, when it was just one day old. However, Israel survived and won the war by a lot. That's a given. Most of the territory set aside for a Palestinian state as part of a UN commission to divide the land between the Jews and the Arabs became territory occupied by Jordan and Egypt, which then began illegal settlement policies in the occupied regions. Yet NOBODY ever complained about that. Later, in 1967, Jordan, Syria, and Egypt teamed up against Israel in another attempt to destroy the Jewish state. However, Israel won again and took the West Bank of the Jordan River from Jordan, the Golan Heights from Syria, and the Gaza Strip and Sinai Peninsula from Egypt, the very last of which was returned to its original owner when the Egyptian leader Anwar Sadat agreed to make peace with Israel and recognize its right to exist at Camp David in 1977. For this, Sadat would later be assassinated by Islamists. In the meantime, Jerusalem, which had been split into eastern and western halves by the western regional border of the West Bank, had been reunited under Israeli rule, and the Jordanian and Egyptian Arabs who illegally settled the West Bank and Gaza, respectively, began to call themselves "Palestinians" so as to trick the Israelis into withdrawing from those areas. Ever since then, they have continued to reject all Israeli offers of peace in exchange for lands that the "Palestinians" have ABSOLUTELY NO right to and yet still take for granted. Their purpose for all of this is clear: they want to eradicate the Jewish state. However, a recent census shows that they already have a homeland: Jordan. This suggestion is rooted in the reality that 70% of Jordanians identify as "Palestinian", just like the Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza, as well as some in Israel.

  • Jerusalem belongs to Israel since ancient times.

    Jerusalem belongs to the jews, and it is also a city that welcomes everyone. The city of Jerusalem isn't even mentioned in the Koran. However, the Bible mentions the city of David more than 600 times. Erusalem appears in the Hebrew Bible 669 times. That's my opinion, what do you guys think?

  • This ones pretty complicated.

    I can't give a yes or a no on this one. The Jewish where kicked out centuries ago by people who have long since died.

    By saying that an area should only belong to those who originally founded it would be impossible. People have been conquering each other ever since we started walking the land.

    By using the logic that would mean that if their where any one who had ancestry to any (if their where any) survivors of the people who where around when the Hebrews invaded.

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