• Yes he was.

    People have taken the bible more serious than intended, "the som of god" and " the Messiah" were common names in that time for kings or people looked upon, and do you really think some guy raised a zombie, no he didn't, when the bible says "raised from the dead" it means they were brought from a sinful life into the light of GOD, etc...

  • Even if he didn't exist, which he didn't, he was a good one.

    Jesus was a fine philosopher. He preached against all the horrible things in the bible. He preached love, and acceptance which are both things a lot of Christians ignore. He was an okay philosopher, not great, but he did try to teach people the right way to be loving theists. It is too bad that most Christians ignore his teachings over 2000 years later.

  • If Jesus existed.

    There is a lot of good stuff in the bible just as there is a lot of seriously bad stuff in the bible. So if Jesus did in fact exist, and the writings attributed to him are his and not fabricated (4 gospels) I would say he was a philosopher. However, like all philosophy you have to decide for yourself what is good an what is bad. And let be honest its not the best philosophy, as it was written more mythic style.

  • To a certain degree

    Not a Christian myself, I am an admirer of the man Jesus Christ. Not taking into account his divinity, Jesus displayed remarkable insight into the nature of spirit, so much so that he may be considered a theological philosopher. In my mind however, he is more a revolutionary figure than anything else, and posed a philosophical message that itself is satirical for both his own time and ours.

  • Not a Philosopher

    Stevenc's argument is completely ill informed. I am going to adress all of his points here-
    So first, Jesus telling people that he was the son of God was what got him Crucified, as was telling people he was the messiah. If kings began calling themselves that, they would be killed by the Roman empire, as the Messiah was said to be the one who would free Israel from Rome.
    Second, the Bible doesn't say anything about Zombies, this is just you, trying to make it sound dumb (or maybe you are not able to understand it otherwise) And, when it is saying raised from the dead, it is clearly talking about, well, raised from the dead. If you had actually read it, you would understand. Also, Jesus was perfect. He never sinned, so how can you say that him rising from the dead means he was brought away from a sinful life? This argument is completely wrong and simply inaccurate to what the bible says. If you want to know, I challenge you to go and read the bible, and see what it actually says.

  • No, he claimed to be divine

    Philosophers are not prophets or messiahs, they aren't specifically theologians either, though a theologian can be a philosopher.

    Jesus taught his religious beliefs using a philosophical perspective, but he was a liberal reformer of the teachings of the established, conservative pharisees.

    He still claimed to be a representative of god, who he called father, and that sets him aside from philosophers who do not claim divinity.

    Jesus was a self-proclaimed messiah, a profit to many and a hebrew rebel to the world. But to call him a philosopher is to do a disservice to the history of his legacy.

  • It depends on how you define philosopher.

    Personally I associate philosophy with the secular tradition of the ancient Greeks. Jesus was really a religious thinker rather than a philosopher as he relies heavily on the Bible justify his arguments. But it rely comes down to how you define it, if you think that a philosopher is just a 'lover of wisdom' then I suppose he was. But constantly referring to Torah, claiming to be the son of God and resurrecting zombie Lazarus really puts him in the religious field as prophet/messiah in my opinion.

  • No, He Was Crazy

    He was not a philosopher; he was a mentally ill person. With so many errors in the Old Testament, one must be mentally ill to believe in it. You must be even crazier if you believe you are the son of the god in this horrible book of stupidity and hatred.

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