• It doesn’t matter if you believe Jesus is God, Jesus’ existence has been historically documented.

    It doesn’t matter if you believe Jesus is God, Jesus’ existence has been historically documented. Many historians can cross confirm the fact that Jesus lived in Galilee around 2000 years ago, And can confirm using Roman documents. The argument is asking whether or not Jesus is real, Not if he is the Son of God. If you say no to this argument, You are ignorant

  • Jesus is my dad

    Yes, It's true. My dad is Jesus and he is back alive once more and has been hiding for years with my dog in zee cage they have :0 I'm sorry we lied to everyone about this. I can understand if you want to kill us with all your pillows. But we should forgive. Violence is not the answer. Have a holy day.

  • Yes, He was a real person but his divinity or god-like stature can be questioned,

    If you search up was jesus real on google you will find many articles pointing to the fact that he was a real person. The debate at hand is a question of existenceo of a physical person not a question of was he divine or is god real. D d

  • I am jesus

    MY MOTHER VIRGIN MARY. My mother was a virgin as she give birth to me even though I have an older sister. . . Who is actually my dad. It confusing. SWEET HOME ALABAMA! My nan is also my daughter and my son is my brother with my cousin being my wife. . .

  • Poopy stinky ahaha

    Uh ih i just made a poopy sagd ds fds fs df ds f sf sd fds f ds fd ds fs sd f dsf fsd fdsfsd sdf ds f ds f ds f ds f dsf sd f dsf ds f ds f sd fds f sd f sd fds f

  • Jesus IS REAL

    Jesus has been historically documented for years. He is a walking miracle. He walked on water turned water to wine. Fed children, Made the blind see, The deaf hear, The dumb to speak, Brought the dead to life Jesus is my Savior, Not any of you. Not you at all.

  • He gave me the succcc

    WHen I cried myself to sleep he came to be in my dreams and giv me the suc and when I woke up I was all wet and I found out I jizz like a lot and that means he gave me the good succ when sad so he helped me when sad by making feel ooooey gooey good.

  • Depends on your belief

    Even if jesus did'nt exist or did exist it all comes down to your own opinion. Think of jesus like an energy, The amount of belief you put,
    the same amount of differences are made around you. Beliving in a
    person fills your environment with positivness isn't that what we all

  • He breaks bread for africa

    Africa is hungry so he has to multiply the bread so they can eat kajsdvhcaioud isg dcoiyag dcioyg adgy fciyog odfcgy yog cip ygc kiyadg cufdi gcuofy odfiagufiyad odugc ydgc yfcougydcfoiugydcfoidyfcgoidfy yfbf ycy fy y cfygcfy gcfyg cfyg cfyg cfyagckuyg c ycfygc idyfgc fcy cfuygc gyufdgyucfgcuy fdyugc ygcfuygcfy dy gfcuygfcu

  • No hes not

    Well I wrote this song for the Christian youth
    I wanna teach kids the Christian truth
    If you wanna reach those kids on the street
    Then you gotta do a rap to a hip-hop beat
    I gave my sermon an urban kick
    My rhymes are fly, My beats are sick
    My crew is big and it keeps getting bigger
    That's cause Jesus Christ is my nigga
    He's a life-changer, Miracle-arranger
    Born to the virgin mom in a manger
    Water to wine, He's a drink exchanger
    And he died for your sins
    I preach the word, That's my gig
    And I rhyme better than Notorious BIG
    Other emcees, I wish them well
    But if you live in sin, You burn in hell
    Now I'ma pass the mic to my lovely wife
    She's a fly emcee and the light of my life
    So to bust a rhyme without further ado
    Take it away, Mary Sue!
    Jesus Christ is my nigga
    He's the son of the original G
    And he was sent to Earth to elucidate the way that we should be
    (What? )
    Like if another MC says
    "You're a freak!
    You're a lame-butt rapper
    And your rhymes are weak! "
    I don't get mad and I don't critique
    I forgive him, And turn the other cheek
    I don't blaspheme and I don't brag
    I don't cuss, And my pants don't sag
    I do exude a little Christian swag
    And I'm proud to be an American!
    Jesus Christ is our nigga
    Let his light shine through ya!
    Let his love pop a cap in your butt and say HALLELUJAH!
    Jesus Christ is my nigga
    He's a homie MC JC UC?
    He's an honest, Caring, Peace-loving nigga
    Like me
    If you do drugs and think you're cool
    You need to come to Sunday school!
    Put those drugs in the garbage can
    Stand up tall, You're a Christian man!
    Word up!
    I'm freestyling!
    Hit me!

  • No, There's no such thing as divine beings

    Show me a single, And I mean one fraction of proof, To show that things like God, The Holy Spirit, Allah, Jah, Jesus, Dharma, Any of those, Actually exist. And it's impossible to do that because there is no such proof. There is no such Spirit. And there is no such God.

  • No he's not

    None of the gods are real. These religions, Customs and cultured were born out of man's desire to explain things around him and due to insufficient knowledge these concepts, Superstitions ETC. Came into being. But know we should know better than to follow these irrational beliefs and accept that science is the real 'god'(not literally ofcource)

  • Hes f***ing retarded

    No way this guy just got his ass f***ing crossed and then f***ing revives and suddenly hes allmighty and powerful. I don't f***ing believe he was able to do shit like walk on water or multiply f***ing BREAD. As for my final argument, Jesus christ sucks dick and i don't believe in any single bit of his existance

  • There is no proof.

    If jesus was real, He would come down from the heavens RIGHT NOW and show us. Why dosn't he? He HASN'T EVEN COME DOWN FROM HIS "HEAVEN" and shown us HIMSELF. IF jesus wants to be real, He better show us himself or he doesn't even exist. Jesus isn't real. Unless if he comes down from his frikin heaven and suddenly appears infront of me, I don't think that he is real.

  • By Jesus I assume the OP means the son of God.

    Otherwise there are countless people with the name Jesus that lived back then 2000 years ago. It was a popular name. So when a person tries to be above the fray by telling you/others that ‘well, We did know there was a person with the name Jesus. ’ tell them this little bit of information.

  • N o o oo o o o o o o

    I havent seen him and he kills people so i don't believe. But Santa is real and you can't change my mind. Jesus did not create me, My parents did. If jesus made everything, What made him? Ahdsuf gauiosdgf iuoasgfyisdg iaysgf yysdgf iyoasdgf ysdgf yusdgf yusgyu gsyfg uysagf uyasgf uysg dsyufg ysu

  • f**k no stupid bitch

    f**k god and f**k white people everywhere. I can't wait until you idiots die off from the face of this planet. You neaderthals have been nothing but a detriment to black society. If it was possible i would wipe you idiots clean from existence this very moment. Once again i said f**k white people and run ados their f***ing reparations

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