Jesus should have been painlessly put to death before he had a chance to corrupt the world. As should all the other fake gods.

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  • Religion is a System of Control

    Better yet; all the world's religions should be nationally and internationally outlawed/abolished. The entire "priesthood" should be nationally and internationally outlawed/abolished. And the entire population of religious followers should have all their "religious memories" erased so these people can have their minds freed. Oh how I wish right now to just "forget" some of the "religious" stuff I was taught/exposed to. All the religions should be wiped off the earth completely. We need get rid of the "Diety Program"!

  • Religion is the enemy of moral progress in the world.

    Every moral progress has been opposed by the organized churches of the world. They were written at a time when people knew nothing about right and wrong. But they made people think they knew everything about right and wrong. When people think they know right from wrong when they dont they dont accept newer better morals and remain ignorant to the knowledge of right and wrong. Religion has constantly showed people that we dont know right from wrong but still people believe because their leaders tell them they do. Its ridiculous. What rights do you have as a mother? Some parents dont think they have the right to spank their kids for almost anything and some spank their kids for everything and think they even have the right to chose their childs career path and cut off their children for choosing the wrong career path. What rights do you have as a boss? Everybodies "rights" and "wrongs" contradict everybody elses "rights" and "wrongs"

  • Yes your probably right

    According to god in Deuteronomy 13 God actually said If a prophet comes and does great wonders and says you Jews have to worship someone else now, (Jesus) Do not head the words of that prophet. It is a test to see if you love god with all your heart and soul. And god Says to stone that prophet to death. If Jesus was actually stoned, he would have died much quicker. And he would be less likely to resuscitate, and make the claim of resurrection. And it would end right there. There wouldn't have been crusades later on, and it would have saved millions of lives,.

  • Once again, a secularist statement of ignorance.

    How can we who see the existence of the spiritual realm listen to those who don't if they can't get their fact straight.

    To me this question is just another example of what the Lord said about blasphemies everywhere in the end times.

    If you honestly consider the teachings of Christ and the words of the Bible, you'll see that the teachings are beneficial to mankind. I get the impression the question was posed by someone who doesn't have a clear understanding of what Jesus is all about.

  • Way to defeat your own argument

    Killing Jesus before he had a chance to "corrupt the world" is literally, exactly, to the last degree, what the Pharisees tried to do. That was the whole point of the crucifixion. The fact that they failed and Christianity is now the most popular religion in the world is not because Jesus died, it's because the evidence of his ressurrection was powerful enough to convince thousands upon thousands that he was who he claimed to be.

    Try actually reading the gospels before you attack them.

  • He probably didn't exist and if he did he was crazy.

    Rallying groups of people to follow you and referring to yourself as a deity are both signs of mental illness. He needed treatment, not an execution. The argument for eugenics is the only secular one by which this would be alright. And if we are going on a religious argument, then how do we decide which Gods are "fake" and which God is real?

  • Really? This is a waste of time but i will defend my faith anyway.

    Ok, the title of this opinion CLEARLY states that jesus exists, meaning no atheist is able to say "YES" and not contradict their own "Faith". That being said, I'm going to move on. Next, atheists say there is no proof of a God (which there is), but is there proof of no God? Didn't think so... Finally, jesus never once hurt anyone, he healed. You say that jesus is real so by that you must believe that jesus spoke the truth, he never did lie because lying is a sin, and we all know, believers and nonbelievers, that jesus did not sin. I hope this message has helped nonbelievers get closer to Jesus Christ, he has made my life better and I pry that you will pass this on.

  • Don't be so close minded

    There's no doubt that religion has proven to be a sore on society, but you need to consider the positives. Religion starts as a way of embracing philosophical questions. Jesus taught to love thy neighbor, make Earth as it is in Heaven. The concept of heaven, would mean a Utopia on our planet. A Utopia would maintain the happiness of every human on Earth. I'm sure we can all agree that we all want to be happy. Jesus was simply a philosopher, not a prophet. Most of the Bible is bogus, but there still remains valuable teachings of philosophy and a way of life within it. Most of the Bible was changed to conform to how Emperor's and Kings wanted the people to conform. It became a way to enforce fear into someone for not worshiping a false God. Jesus did not make Christianity, people bastardized his teachings and made them into something terrible. Atheism should not be the only accepted belief, it's a close minded way of thinking.

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UtherPenguin says2015-04-06T05:20:15.577
This question is. . .Just, loaded beyond words.