Jet Blue Conference Call: Should more companies follow Jet Blue's example in being transparent about their earnings?

  • When corporations demonstrate transparency to their stakeholders, all parties benefit.

    There has for too long been a tradition of secrecy among multinational corporations, who expend great sums in the pursuit of secrecy, which for them equates to safety from attack by lawyers, whistle blowers, and watchdog groups. Why not put that money toward the benefit of all stakeholders, and conduct all operations in a transparent and open modality.

  • More companies could follow their lead

    More companies should follow their lead. This is because it would lead more people to have confidence in investing at the stock market level. This would bring more money into the US markets and also be a way for people to increase their net worth for retirement savings. It's a win-win.

  • It would benefit free trade.

    If all companies were totally transparent about their earnings then it would assist traders to make accurate and good decisions about where to buy stocks and shares and which companies to invest in without the damage of potentially bad investments. This may lead to problems for companies who are underperforming but would be of benefit to national economies.

  • Airplane earnings revealed.

    I feel that being transparent with earnings shows a standard of business. Those that have more earnings show a more reputable business because they have been recommended to others and those that have tried it like the service. I personally haven't flown in a long time, but knowing which airline is reputable is important to me.

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