Jihadist groups say Trump's travel ban proves that the U.S. is at war with Islam: Are they right?

  • Yes, it does seem that the U.S., or rather Donald Trump and his supporters, are at war with Islam

    Yes, it does seem that the U.S., or rather Donald Trump and his supporters, are at war with Islam. The ban on travel from seven predominantly Muslim countries was a terrible message to send to the rest of the world, particularly Jihadist groups. But the worst part of the ban was the exemption for minority religions in those countries. That one exception made it clear that the ban was based on religion and not geography.

  • No, I dont think so.

    One might say that it is better to have the people that hate you outside your borders than to bring them in with the hope of converting them to your way of life. Of course, there are others who say that being kind to your enemies will convert them. Others say that the people who follow a religion with tenets of murder and mayhem as religious expression are themselves not guilty of anything. Some might be talking about the good that Islam has brought to the world, the kindness and all inclusiveness of it and think of it as the religion of peace.

  • The US is not at war with Islam

    The United States is now at war with radical Islam. Islam is not a threat in and of itself. However, there are a number of groups within Islam that are a threat to the United States and the West. Primary among them at present is ISIS. The United States, under Mr. Trump, is clearly going to be at war with radical Islam.

  • No, they are not right.

    The United States has never been at war with Islam. However, radical Islam has been at war with America - whether we like it or not. President Trump is finally speaking like the United States is at war and trying to defeat our enemy. Placing a few travel restrictions on people does not mean we are at war with Islam.

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