Jill Scott Becomes Victim of Nude Photo Leak: Are the victims to blame?

  • Victims to blame

    Yes I do think that the victims are primarily to blame for their information getting leaked out on to the public area. They first of all should not be taking pictures of themselves with out thinking of the possibility of them being seen. Secondly it is unwise to trust any online source to not get hacked. Nothing on the Internet is safe.

  • Absolutely is NOT

    Blaming the victims is horrible! I read that one of the victims had deleted the photo's hacked several years prior to the leak. How is she supposed to prevent deleted photo's from being hacked? I think the cloud really needs to step it's protection up and figure out a way to completely delete photo's that people select.

  • No, they aren't

    Most of these are pictures that they have since deleted off their phones or tried to store appropriately. They were sent to their husbands of significant others. I think it is horrible to victim blame when their information was stolen. It is very similar to blaming a short skirt and not the rapist.

  • No, of course not.

    The leak, also known as "The Fappening," was not the fault of the celebrities, but of the serivce provided with whom the entrusted their information. If it was in fact their iCloud accounts which were hacked, it is Apple who is to blame. In all likelihood, and I certainly would not be surprised if this turned out to be the case, the "hacker" may have exploited a vulnerability with their phones' Bluetooth connectivity. In fact, and many people aren't aware of this, Bluetooth is surprisingly insecure. Personally, I have Bluetooth disabled on my phone. I use Android, though, so iCloud exploits are not an issue of mine.

    In the end, the fault lays with the product manufacturer. Apple.

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