Jill Stein campaign to recount key states in US election reaches $2.5m target: Is this a good outcome?

  • I believe reaching 2.5 million is a good outcome.

    I believe a recount of the votes should happen, however it is not likely that the Electoral College will change its vote in key swing states. This is a serious disconnect we have seen now twice in recent elections where the popular vote does not coincide with the Electorate at the end of the vote.

  • It's what she wanted.

    In the end, Stein knows that she will not win the election. She finished in fourth place. She did, however, come up with a great idea to line her pocket book. She and her party have that $2.5 million that they can use for themselves and use for whatever they want. She was brilliant to come up with this idea.

  • I think this is ridiculous.

    I think the while recount thing is ridiculous. Trump won the election fair and square. Even if the states effected are found to have gone to Hillary it doesn't matter since Trump won most of the electoral college votes. The founders put all kinds of checks and balances and things into the constitution that supposed to keep small groups and other things from gaining power.

  • Stein's recount target is not a particularly good outcome

    It will cost the states recounting ballots much more than the $2.5 million target that Jill Stein has set. The recount is not in the best interests of the country as it will simply foster more division and anger with no ultimate change in the outcome of the election. Jill Stein is wrong.

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