Jimmy Carter: Did his solution to the Canada reactor meltdown cause more harm than good?

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  • No, at the time something had to be done and Carter did his best for the good of the people.

    No, back in the fifties there was an accident with a reactor in Canada and Carter was part of the team that helped resolve that situation. He and his team did the best they could to prevent further, widespread damage. They assisted in the shutdown of the reactor, which ultimately did more good than harm.

  • No, precaution prevailed.

    Jimmy Carter, along with 22 other U.S. Navy specialists, worked to shut Chalk River's nuclear reactor. With minimal protective gear from their era, Lt. Carter made a replica of the facility to practice, then proceeded to shut down the reactor. Their actions saved lives and further damage to the environment.

  • No, Jimmy Carter's solution did not do more harm than good.

    There are very few perfect solutions to a reactor meltdown like the one in Chalk River. The best anyone can do is contain the problem and mitigate its impact. He did that effectively and for that he should not be blamed. It is easy to criticize any decision regarding handling nuclear reactors.

  • No, he was helpful.

    Jimmy Carter was doing the best he could to contain a serious problem that could have easily turned into a major, world changing catastrophe. While he may not have done the best job possible, he did the best that he could and that is better than if he had done nothing.

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