Jimmy Choo plans IPO in London: Should more fashion designers go public?

  • Yes, an IPO is a great way to raise capital

    Fashion designers who have the ability to go public should go public. The benefits out weigh the risks in the following ways. First, the ability to raise new capital to further fund their design efforts and marketing strategy would only serve to advance their brand in a powerful way. Secondly, capturing and securing a larger market share ensures that your brand will have an established presence in the fashion world.

  • Yes. More fashion designers should go public.

    The branding in fashion is outstanding. Jimmy Choo's products as well as other designers are recognized all over the world and people pay a lot of money to wear that name brand. The profit margin is huge on these products so the investment earnings could be astronomical. Hopefully if they go public it will not take away from the status that you get by wearing Jimmy Choo.

  • Allow people to participate.

    Yes, more fashion designers should go public, because it would allow people who are into fashion to participate in the process. Fashionistas would have a fun time having their say in the business of fashion companies. Also, fashion designers would have to make a profit, so they would have to be more responsive to public wants.

  • No, it is not always for the best.

    The skill of a fashion designer is their ability to think originally without being answerable to others. Fashion designers who put the future of their business into more public hands risk shareholders demanding change in their business to guarantee annual dividends. In this way the quality of the products made may be reduced.

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