Jimmy Savile raped children as young as nine: Should criminals involved in rape face more severe penalties?

  • Harsh punishments for harsh crimes

    If someone feels that they can harm children they should face the most sever crimes. Children cannot protect themselves as well as an adult so the punishment should be the most severe type. I feel that most punishments are to lenient for all crimes and their needs to be harsher penalties for everyone. If you feel the need to murder than the only punishment should be death. If you steal you should lose a hand. Pretty much and eye for an eye like it was back before law came into play.

  • Rape is a serious crime.

    Rape is a very serious offense to the human race. It takes away an individual's security and can have lifelong consequences for the survivors. Many rape victims are diagnosed with trauma related disabilities like Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. Given the damage it does to victims, stiff penalties are necessary to ensure that the victims are free from the fear that they may regain contact with their rapists and in order to prevent further crimes, especially if someone is convicted of multiple offenses. In my view, it should be treated as severely as murder and other heinous crimes but we aren't quite there.

  • Criminals Involved with Children Should Face Severe Penalties

    The crimes against children should result if more severe consequences because of the vulnerable nature of children. Children can easily be taken as victims and must be protected. Criminals need to face a harsh punishment as a deterrent and to set an example for others. The penalty should be severe enough to discourage the crime.

  • Punishment Needed: Unsure What

    While technically rape is punishable by up to 30 years in prison, instances of a rapist being confined for even half that time is next to nil. In order to prove rape, there almost inevitably must be extenuating circumstances. Matters of he said/she said simply don't hold up in court. So while our current "justice system" does little to actually rehabilitate convicts, something more needs to happen to make committing this crime unpleasant.

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