• Yes, Trump has made it worse.

    Yes, Trump has made it harder to build jobs because his plan taxes the middle and low income brackets. A lot of small businesses that create jobs within a community are started by those in the middle class. If they are taxed more, then they cannot afford to start businesses or hire help.

  • Trump: A Giant Farce

    Donald Trump claims that he has saved Carrier (a manufacturer of air conditioners) from leaving the United States. Upon further investigation, what Mr. Trump has truly done is paid Carrier to keep half of the company in the United states, and not only that, but has paid them using tax-payer's money. The mainstream news will tell a different story. So will Donald Trump. Donald Trump claims to do a lot of things, and doesn't really follow through, just like any other politician. Donald Trump reminds me of the child who ran for school president in grade school, promising "free cookie friday" and "no school every monday". Donald Trump promises things he cannot follow through on. Not only that, but he is not a genuine person. He will promise to build Jobs, but he will only make promises, and make things worse. He is a businessman. He cares about his businesses. He does not care about you.

  • Trump has niether made job buildig worse or better.

    Trump has not entered office yet. He is still in the transition process. Because of this he does not have any sway over the government or the country yet. After January however this might change. We have to wait and see. We do not know how. policies he enacts or helps enact will effect the country.

  • No, job growth has continued since Trump's election.

    No, President-elect Trump has not made job building worse. The November jobs report recently issued by the Department of Labor indicated that the U.S. economy continues to add jobs. In addition, the unemployment rate has fallen to 4.6%, which is the lowest it has been since August 2007. Jobs have been added for the last 74 consecutive months, with no indication of a downward trend related to Mr. Trump's election.

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