• My Dad works in industrious settings-

    So naturally, with the job market at the level it is.. He has less job security than the actors on Game of Thrones. He's been laid off more than I can count, ever since I was little. This has resulted in us moving all over the province. It definitely affects my family and I.

  • They totally did!

    Yeah. They had to do a lot of job cuts so they just had a couple of conferences to get everyone together. I was one of the people being cut. It was pretty embarrassing actually. Being in front of all those when I was fired. They were so silent. It was creepy. Luckily I like my new job a lot better and it has higher pay.

  • Yes, they have affected me

    My Company had laid off 100 people out of 135 in our office. I was one of the people who were not let go but now I am doing more work for less pay. They cut down on our overtime and bonuses so now for the last two years I have made less on my w2's.

  • No, I live in a stable economic area.

    Not all cities in the US were as adversely affected by the economy. While some people did lose jobs in most regions, job cuts weren't as pervasive where I live. When one works for a public or government institution, job security is often greater than when working for a private corporation.

  • Job cuts affect everyone

    No, I have not been effected by job cuts personally, However, indirectly I have been affected. Everyone knows someone who has been personally affected and it moves along the line and affects the people who rely on their income and the people who have to support them until they find work again.

  • Job cuts have not affected me personally

    Although job cuts have not affected me personally, back in 2009 when the economy tanked, there were four rounds of layoffs at the company I work for. A total of about 15 people were let go over three months' time. So I saw it happen, but it fortunately was not me at the time.

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