• Job hoppers unite!

    Job-hopping Millenials if done correctly will have enough to retire. Job hopping while not something I personally condone has become more common these days. As long as the employee rolls their 401K over company to company they will be fine to retire. In this day and age pensions are a thing of the past. Pensions were the incentive to keep employees long-term.

  • Job-hopping milennials will find a way

    Job-hopping milennials will find a way to save enough for retirement because they have to. These young people might not think much of retirement now, but they will eventually as they get older. In addition, a retirement account such as a traditional or ROTH IRA that is not connected to a specific job will still allow these people to invest no matter where they work or how often they switch jobs.

  • Yes, In the end they will.

    Yes, In the end they will. I think that this generation of people will find there way through all of the bad job prospects. I feel that the recession has put many behind but eventually it will get allot better. I feel that they will have more than enough for retirement.

  • Yes, they will

    Just because they are job hopping, doesn't mean they are not saving for retirement,( and sticking with a single job doesn't guarantee adequate funds for retirement.) The only way anyone, Millenials or otherwise, will be able to retire is by saving. Millenials who do this will be able to retire comfortably, no matter how many jobs the have held or for how long. .

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