Jobs recovery lost steam in August: Do you trust the unemployment numbers that are released?

  • Yes, I see no reason for the government to lie about unemployment numbers

    Yes, I trust the unemployment numbers that were released. I don't feel the government has any reason to lie about unemployment numbers. I imagine the real information would be exposed anyway. Besides, the numbers are not getting better but worse, so i don't see why the information would have been falsified.

  • Yes, I trust the unemployment numbers that are released.

    The job market has been bad for the past 10 years. Job recovery is going to have it's rise and falls but unless we see something dramatic happen that a steep increase followed by a steep decrease, then I think we can trust that the numbers that are released are accurate.

  • No doubt about it.

    They never include people who have stopped looking for work. If you added all of the people who are not working, the true unemployment rate would be around 17%. Also, most of the new jobs created under Dingle Barry, are part time jobs. And get this. About 30 percent of all new jobs were created in the great state of Texas. Dingle Barry had nothing to do with those. He's probably the worst President to ever occupy the Oval Office.

  • No, I dont believe or trust the recent unemployment numbers.

    I cannot support the unemployment numbers that were most recently released, because it is not likely that everyone who is affected by job loss has been surveyed. They may have a small group that was surveyed or a very select group. I just can not believe that the poll accurately represents our population.

  • Nope I don't

    I have found that the statistics given to the public are generally lacking in complete information. There really is no way they have absolutely everyone that does not have a job written down in a statistic somewhere. I am sure the unemployment rate is actually higher than they have listed.

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