Joe Biden has no idea what he is talking about and should be removed from office.

  • Joe Biden is a liar and he's increasingly acting like Donald Trump.

    He is criticizing China for nothing, Just like Donald Trump. Only difference? He adds Russia to the mix! This look a lot like how Adolf Hitler came to power. Think about it! All three, Adolf Hitler, Joe Biden, And Donald Trump came to power in a democratic nation by scapegoating on a specific group, Trump on China, Biden on China and Russia, And Hitler on Jews. All promise to return their country to its former glory. And all three do it without good reason. Joe Biden probably doesn't need to actually be removed from office, But he needs to do better. He's already provoking China and Russia, Which we don't want to do because those two countries have NUCLEAR WEAPONS! They are NUCLEAR POWERS and a war with them will lead to AND-Absolute Nuclear Destruction!

  • Joe Biden is out of his mind.

    Joe Biden is not mentally capable of running this country. All of his "build back better" and "green new deal" plans are an economic disaster. Biden claims that he will be creating new jobs, But he is actually going to be costing nearly every american household $850, 000. He wants to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, Which will cause inflation and we will turn out like Venezuela.

    If we want to save the American economy and keep this country great, We must remove him from office and get someone else in.


  • Joe Biden is ass cancer

    He is for sure, Mentally incapable of running this nation. He should be removed from office before does more harm to the United States. Some of his actions and definitely his speeches show you how ill the old man is. You cannot support this man without being a total fool yourself. Incompetent is an under statement. How such a man was elected into office is beyond me.

  • Joe biden is unfit

    Many experts on age-related health conditions have pointed out that joe biden is suffering from symptoms typical of late stage dementia. He was used by the left to be passed off as a "moderate" while the radical fringe-leftists control him and to eventually get commiela harris into the White House. He is a puppet and he is oblivious to those controling him. Not to mention that Trump actually won in 2020, Not sleepy joe. Millions of ballots for trump were thrown in rivers and shredded and million of biden votes "mysteriously appeared. " Trump should be put back into the White House, And democrats should be removed from all offices and replaced with Republicans who actually care about America.

  • If we're being real here

    He's most likely not even the one pulling the strings on most decisions. While his presidency can be summed up as a total failure thus far, I doubt someone who can't even spit out a coherent speech and has a caretaker is actually in charge here, He's most likely just a puppet for someone much worse behind the scenes.

    Removing him will likely result in someone like Kamala, Buttigieg, Or someone even worse being fraudulently elected instead, The voter fraud has to be overcome first for the problem to be solved.

  • He needs help

    Next thing you know he says nuke china I mean USA. He refuses listen to his advisors or anyone or are here to help him and say random stuff how did this guy end up in office. People though he's was going to help the people but he doing whatever.

  • Impeachment Should Start Now

    It would take a 1000 words to show all the illegal things he did. Open borders, Bringing in Covid aliens and using the military to deposit them all over the "swing states" for votes. Removing police, Allowing violence, Putting racism in schools, Shutting down our oil pipeline and opening Russia's pipeline. Stopping the border wall. He is purely acting like our enemy. He IS the enemy. He is keeping trespassers in jail for 6 months. Feels like a Nazi to me. It's time to go in and remove him by force.

  • No, Joe Biden should not be removed. The evidence isn't strong enough to justify it, And such a move would be illegal and undemocratic.

    I would propose that "Joe Biden has no idea what he is talking about and should be removed from office" is a loaded question, However I'll give it a shot anyhow.

    It assumes:
    1) Pres. Biden is significantly cognitively impaired;
    2) Joe Biden is not capable of undertaking his duties, Rendering him unfit to be POTUS;
    3) Therefore, He should be impeached and removed from office.

    Foremost, Biden's faculties have been, And continue to be, Heavily scrutinised by the media. Although I believe he should be evaluated and his medical history made public, The majority consensus among cognitive neuroscientists is that his gaffes can be attributed to typical age-related degradation for a man of 78, Rather than Alzheimer's or any other form of dementia. His stutter, Which he has had since childhood, Likely also contributes to this perception.

    Second, Does Joe Biden possess the mental faculties to perform his duty as Commander-in-Chief? Ultimately, This is a matter of opinion. Unless and until he is formally diagnosed with dementia or some other form of cognitive decline, I would err on the "yes" side.

    It is worth noting that there is no express requirement for Presidents to be physically or mentally fit to hold office. I am not aware of any legal precedent for impeaching, Let alone removing a sitting President on the basis of cognitive decline. Ronald Reagan was diagnosed with Alzheimer's shortly after leaving office, And is widely believed to have been affected during his second term. Despite this, He was not removed from office, And I would contend he still faithfully performed his duty, Ranking among the best favoured Presidents the USA has ever had.

    I would like to declare in post that I am not a Biden supporter. I'm not even American, Just an Australian news junkie with an interest in US politics. I disagree with most of Biden's policies, And favoured Trump to win the election. I do not believe that disliking the man, Hating his policies, Or cringing over his gaffes should negate the democratic mandate of the American people who elected him.

  • He was elected fairly and is taking steps to protect our nation

    Biden was elected by due process of the law and, By the Constitution, Be removed after impeachment or his four year term. The majority of Americans supported his COVID relief bill, Which brought aid to families who needed it most. He is trying to repair our country, Which is in a less than desirable place. Admittedly, No one is perfect, But so far, Biden has been taking steps to improve the quality of life for Americans.

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haydenwhite55 says2021-07-18T15:45:30.987
No, Stupid. That election was rigged and we all saw it. There's no way that sorry sack of dogshit is a legitimate president. I'm so sick of you morons with the wool over your eyes, Anybody who supports this moron should be lobotomized. Open your useless eyes and try to see, He hasn't done anything for the country. And nothing for you stupid lame-ass liberals either.

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