Joe Biden: Russia is trying to take down democracy around the world. Will Russia succeed in their efforts to destroy democracy?

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  • No, Russia will not succeed in their efforts to destroy democracy if we do not lose focus.

    It is an understatement to say that Russia is a direct threat to democracy. However, as long as the United States and its democratic allies remain steadfast with intelligence and sanctions, we stand a good change of preventing any deterioration to our democratic societies. In order for Russia to take down democracy around the world, countries would need to fall prey to the destruction attempts by Russia. This issue is not anything new. It has only become more sophisticated with technology and more opportunities for Russia to try to destroy democracy. As a democratic society, we're more capable to fight back, and Russia knows this above anything else. History will continue to repeat itself and Russia will continue to fail.

  • No, Russia is unlikely to succeed in destroying global democracy.

    That said, true democracy is definitely at risk in many countries the world over and the will of the people is being suppressed and ignored in many nations. This definitely gives Russia some leverage to push their anti-democratic agenda further and helps them to influence other people in powerful positions to consider their anti-democracy ideologies.

  • No, Russia will not succeed in their efforts to destroy democracy

    No, Russia will not succeed in their efforts to destroy democracy. In fact, it does not make sense to believe that Russia is even trying to destroy democracy. This would be a very hard thing for the country to do and the statement is far fetched. It is a one-sided American statement.

  • No, internal pushes toward socialism are more dangerous.

    It is ironic that Joe Biden, a member of a presidential administration who has done more to send the United States down the path of Communism than any since FDR, should raise fears that another nation is putting democracy in danger. Russia has been allowed to do many things in the last eight years, most of which the Obama administration has turned a blind eye. Is Russia dangerous? Possibly. But fear-mongering is more dangerous to democracy. Biden should be ashamed!

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