Joe Biden will be the opening guest for Seth Meyers' debut on Late Night. Was this a wise decision?

  • Joe Biden opens for Seth Meyers is just fine.

    Seth Meyers has recently been given the position of the anchor of the show "Late Night." This show has been a comically based news show for as long as most people can remember. It has recently been changing anchor's often as compared to history, but that's modern television for you. Meyers is the latest addition, and Joe Biden, the Vice President is opening for him. Why not? Joe Biden represents the second most important position in the Executive branch. Who would be a better choice? Jay-Z?

  • Joe Biden making news

    I think Joe Biden's decision to be the opening guest for Seth Meyers' debut on the Late Night was a good decision on his part. His is thinking about running for the Presidency and any media coverage on him will go a long ways in helping his bid for becoming the next President.

  • It just doesn't matter.

    When was the last time you heard anything significant about Joe Biden? Being Vice President is a nice job in that you're not really expected to do much of anything other than stand by in case the President dies. Sure, there are some things like breaking a tie in Congress and showing up at events, but he's totally D-list and showing up on a late night chat show is in line with that.

  • Biden continues buffoon role as he appears on Meyers' debut

    Vice President Biden is often portrayed as a jokester, buffoon and unengaged VP. While many politicians have attempted to use late night TV to humanize their persona, Biden should not. We do not need a venue for Biden to allow an opportunity to become even more of a joke. He would be better served chairing an event where he could portray himself as being worthy of the title of VP.

  • Sounds Boring To Me

    I do not believe it was a wise decision to schedule Joe Biden for Seth Meyers' debut on Late Night. Joe Biden while a decent Vice President has mostly stayed in the background and has not really made a name for himself considering his status. I do not think his presence will present a good first night for Seth Meyers.

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