John Calipari rumors: Will John Calipari leave Kentucky to coach the Lakers?

  • If Given The Chance

    I believe John Calipari will leave Kentucky to coach for the Lakers, if he is given the opportunity. Who wouldn't take that opportunity? There is obviously more money and a bigger chance of winning with the Lakers. Calipari is probably hoping for the chance to do so and would jump on it the second it was offered.

  • Yes, the lakers are good

    The Lakers are a wonderful team and anyone would be pleased to coach for them. They are well loved by the fans and the team puts their hearts into it. Calipari would be foolish to turn the opportunity down. They will probably give him a raise and a lot of signing bonuses. Plus a team that will respect his coaching abilities.

  • You can't beat college coaching.

    No, John Calipari will not leave Kentucky to coach the Lakers, because there is nothing that can compare to coaching at the college level, and Calipari knows that. Calipari did not win the NCAA finals. Also, he does not have a long history of success, besides this one good season, so there is no guarantee he would be successful with the Lakers.

  • No he knows better

    While the Lakers job is appealing because of the celebrity status John Callipari is too smart to take the job. He knows he has a good thing going at the college ranks and I don't see him trying to move back into the NBA coaching ranks, especially with the Lakers, any time soon.

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