John Kerry: Some of U.S. surveillance has gone too far. Do you agree?

  • Has gone way too far.

    The US surveillance program is completely unconstitutional and is not beneficial to our freedoms. The type of surveillance we are talking about comes straight from sci fi movies and books. It is a complete overreach of power and it does nothing to truly make us safer. We need to stop it.

  • Some surveillance violates privacy.

    Some surveillance violates privacy. People should not be under surveillance unless there is proof that it is needed, or it is a high risk public area. The patriot act allows for the surveillance or anyone and for nearly any reason if they are a possible terrorist. The act is so vague that it allows for surveillance that goes too far.

  • NSA Destroying Rights of Citizens

    With the overreach of some of the NSA's more controversial programs, I think they've overstepped their boundaries. We are the people; the ones who created the government, and it does not have the right to spy on its law-abiding citizens on the off chance that it may be able to catch one of them in the act. The law says we are innocent until proven guilty; not that we're guilty if they can pry apart every aspect of our lives and expose it to government scrutiny. There are protections that have long been afforded to us by law, and those protections are eroding every day. It's time we stand up to the NSA and guard our rights.

  • Yes, there's too much unacknowledged spying.

    Naturally, the United States like every other nation has to keep track of its connections around the world and even to what might be happening in the United States itself. However, it has probably gone too far in initiating surveillance on its allies and on its own citizens who are rightfully fearful of privacy loss.

  • Yes it has

    I agree with John Kerry when he says that some of the US surveillance has gone too far. I do not, however, think that this is a new problem. I think that surveillance has gone too far for quite sometime. The FBI and CIA used questionable tactics to gather intelligence even in the 1950s. Things have only gotten worse since then.

  • Yes but only because they were caught

    Spying is prevelant in most modern countries and goes too far in most countries. The issue is normally you don't even know it is going on. It is the times when the country gets caught that the issues arise. Yes it goes too far but it is also a necessary evil.

  • If you think it's going to 4 then you've got something to hide

    Why in God's name would you say that government has gone too far with surveillance that is how they keep us safe if you're disagreeing with that and obviously you have something to hide I have nothing to hide they can check everything and anything as long as I know I'm safe I'm happy and I have nothing to hide I'm proud to be an American

  • Heck no, it is safe

    Would you rather have another 9/11, or the government watching over us? Do you think that the government surveillance is a good thing, or a bad thing? Although most say no, I have to go with what I believe, and what I believe is that it is a good thing, because it started the December after 9/11.
    People say that it is a bad thing because it is invading our privacy and that they have no right to do that. But really no one cared before “Edward Snowden” said something about it; Why care if you don’t have anything to hide? Unless you do.
    We think that we can survive without anyone to help us, but truthfully no we can’t we do need it, because without the government spying some of us would be dead. Think of all the murders and terrorist have been caught, without this spying all of those criminals would be still running around. We complain about everything, we complain that the government does’t keep us safe, but they really do we just can wake up and realize it because we don’t know it. When we find out about how they are keeping us safe, what are we doing “complaining”.

  • U.S. surveillance has not gone too far.

    U.S. surveillance has not gone too far. There are many advantages to having security measures in place where they should be. It all depends on the situation and what they are used for. I think this will only allow police to ensure that the public is safe and lead to the capture of the criminal.

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