• Yes, new elections are needed after the resignation of a prime minister.

    I believe that in the circumstance of the leader of a country resigning, there should be a new public election to appoint a replacement. I feel that the public vote for a candidate as well as the political party represented by that candidate, and therefore it is only fair to have a new election when there will be a change in leadership.

  • Yes, i agree

    I believe that new elections will have to take place in New Zealand after the resignation of John Key. His position must be filled by a new political member to ensure everything runs smoothly. Therefore, i hope a good political leader will be chosen to fill this position to make it a success.

  • It is a new day.

    There is a movement sweeping all over the world. That movement is against globalism. The first sign was when the UK voted for Brexit. That shocked the world. The next was when the United States elected Trump. Australia and New Zealand are part of this movement as well, and New Zealand will vote in a similar manner.

  • No I don't think new elections should happen

    With the resignation being a surprise it does make the New Zealand government unstable at the moment, but holding an election won't fix that. A much better route would be for the National party to put in place a new Prime Minister to lead the party until the next elections happen as they are planned.

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