John Oliver Stunned by Election Results: Are You Surprised Donald Trump Won?

  • Yes, I am shocked that Donald Trump won

    Before the election, very few political experts or pundits believed Trump had a real chance at winning the presidency. I did not think it would be possible for Trump to win after all the gaffes and unprecedented statements he had made; it seemed that he had permanently alienated women and minority voters.

  • Donald Trump's win was not predicted by the polls, so I was surprised that he won.

    Donald Trump's victory was one of the greatest electoral surprises ever. I followed the polls closely, and observed all his extraordinary campaign, with its obvious lies and about-faces, insults and amateur organization. Perhaps the greatest surprise was that he won the electoral college but lost the popular vote. That has still not been properly explained.

  • Polling needs to change to better predicit the next president

    I believe much of the United States was surprised by Trumps election. Most news media in the United States had predicted that Clinton would win the election. Most polls also predicted that outcome. After this election, polling should be reevaluated to understand why most polls were wrong, and how to change them so that they are more accurate in the future.

  • Not surprised at all by the results

    It honestly didn't come as much of a shock to some people about Donald Trump winning the election. Many people hate Hillary Clinton so much, that they would rather have Trump run our country. Let's not forget that half of the United States didn't even vote because they with hate both candidates and just don't want to half to deal with them, or it's hard for them to even cast their ballots. In reality, the election results boiled down to "who do I hate the least and can live with." they don't seem to realized that there are other candidates who are perfectly capable and qualified to run our country. Take Bernie Sanders for instance, of Jill Stien. They are both honest politicians who believe in a better future for all. Let's face it. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have done bad things in the past. But how much of that is true, and how much of it is propaganda put together from the opposing team? Like those accusations on how Donald Trump raped many women, and how Clinton kills people who get in her way. The way we see each candidate is through or political beliefs, but there's never going to be candidate that fits everyones opinions, wants, and needs. We just have to make do with what we get, and Donald Trump seems to be it.

  • Not Surprised by Election

    I am honestly not surprised that Donald Trump won the election. Given the choices it was a gamble between two poor choices and I think his policy stuck harder than Hillary's. I think people hated that they had to vote for him, but that he seemed to be the lesser of two evils in a country that needed change.

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