Johnny Depp's engagement ring: Is there anything wrong with Johnny Depp wearing a women's engagement ring?

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  • Who cares? There is no need to be rude.

    I know media now a days make fun of famous people for weight, or anything else wrong with some one's body (that's bad enough.) But for heavens sake now the media is making fun of an amazing actor for wearing a ring???? And please we don't need any one else to be rude about what Johnny wears on his hand or what any celebrity has wrong with there body or what they wear.
    People pay much more attention about things wrong with celebrities than real problems like how crappy our government is.

  • Johnny Depp's engagement ring.

    There is nothing wrong with Depp's ring as long as there are no rocks in the picture, but to be all honest it's his ring why is this even a discussion amongst people there are other things that are debatable in the world, than this man's ring. If he likes his ring than so be it, it's his.

  • No, because it was a unique circumstance.

    From what I have read in a couple of articles that explain this mystery, Johnny Depp chose to wear a women's engagement ring because the one he purchased for his fiance Amber Heard was too big, so he decided to wear it instead. He has always been a bit different, so it's also possible he was just trying to get the word out about his engagement and it was a publicity stunt. Either way, though, it didn't seem "wrong," per se.

  • No, who are we to judge what that man does?

    With all that is wrong in the world, it's certainly not Johnny Depp's engagement ring. IT may be different to some, well okay many but so what. Have we all became are own little media and news program in this internet age? It seems as if we have, Johnny Depp is a great actor and he can do what he wants.

  • No, Johnny Depp should wear what he's comfortable in.

    I don't see there being a problem with Johnny Depp wearing a women's engagement ring. If it is a style that he likes, and that he wants to wear, I don't see why it should be gender-specific. Plenty of women have wedding bands rather than wedding rings, and people don't make a point to bring it up, so why do it the other way around?

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