Johnny Manziel Pro Day workout: Should pro-football players make hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars per year?

  • Yes they should

    There is so much money that goes into professional football and there is tons of money that is involved in dealing with the day to day operations. The players go through a lot of different things that they should be paid for. I mean how much would you pay a player then?

  • They have worked to get to their current position.

    After many years of training, and immense skill, they should definitely be rewarded for their determination. Also, the money and leisure that they give to the surrounding community, as well as advertising for businesses, is much higher than their wages. Quite a few football players will also support the community financially, such as giving money to charity and setting up local sports groups etc.

  • There are lots of sports that pay almost nothing

    There are sports where people are paid almost nothing at all even if they win. It's ridiculous how there's so much press and corporate backing for certain sports and for ones there is nothing. The sports that fund almost nothing is the way sports should be. How is playing a sport supposed to help the community that doesn't involve money? Doctors help improve our health and combat diseases, lawyers make sure to keep us from being misunderstood, soldiers protect the nation or go invade and steal from other nations by force, engineers build our cars and planes, truck drivers get our loads to their locations, even babysitters and janitors serve more of a purpose

    Celebrities and Sports players are useless

  • No, they don't do enough to justify it

    No, I don't believe any sportsman should earn as much as they do. Yes, they have a job just as much as anyone else does, but that doesn't mean it's a job worthy of earning as much as they do. Football isn't something that saves lives, or helps people - it's just about throwing or kicking a ball around.

  • No, pro-football players can sustain themselves on a lower income

    Professional athletes make ridiculous sums of money for simply paying a sport; however, their income is tied to a lot of corporate sponsorship. For instance, promoting products in order to increase sales revenue of a product. While it seems like a win-win situation, we have to look at it from the consumer side of things; that is, we're wasting money buying products simply because a celebrity told us to. If their income was diverted towards much more useful sectors, such as public education or safety, then society would benefit much more from it.

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