• Hello it’s jamal here

    The joker is afraid of me that’s why he won’t post anything about me, He’s a loser stuck at Arkham crying about how I stole his girlfriend Harley and did her LOL. Joker is a dumb slave at Arkham while I sit here in mommy’s basement laughing at him eating cookies she bakes me. LOL

  • I’m jamals sister

    You are not in mommy’s basement. She kicked you out, Remember. In fact, That freaking mommy of yours is an impersonator and your real mommy is living alone. Jokers right, You really don’t belong in this family because not only do your blood ties not connect to us but you also don’t act like us. So STFU and GTFO.

  • I am the joker

    Let me tell you something Jamal. I know your adopted. Your sister and mommy contribute to society and you don’t. I know why you ran away from home. You thought your birth mommy gave you up out of hatred to an adopted mother so your an away to daddy who kicked you out of the house when you became too much. I know your adopted because unlike birth parents, Adopted parents can kick you out of the house when you get to be too much and send you back to foster care. In fact, You belong at the daycare because your worth less compared to a 5 year old. I wish I could join you at the orphanage but I’m in jail right now and I have no plans to leave since I get rationed food but anyway, Please consider ditching your adopted parents and that loser sister of yours and start your own life. Go starve yourself. Go fail to get a job 1000 times. In fact, Go tie a rock around your neck and jump off a bridge into a river. Betcha a dead Jamal contributes more to society than a live Jamal

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