• Joker is afraid of mommy

    My mommy is working out and she’s so hot and so much stronger now the joker is weak and he could never ever take down mommy. Boy the joker sure did fool me with that cardboard cutout because I thought harley Quinn having a hole in between her legs was notmal

  • Look at my son, What a dickhead

    He didn’t even spell normal right. The joker doesn’t want to fight you, He wants to make you act like a bunch of immature lousy clowns which is all you are worth! All the joker wants is for you to make him laugh and that is exactly what is happening. As long as the joker is laughing, He is winning and he wins not by fighting, But by making gullible people like YOU act like a clown. This isn’t a fight, It’s a let’s see how immature I can make Jamal act with this no good joke.

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