• Yes, Trump is a repudiation of Republicans

    In my opinion, Trump's rise to the presidency was due in large part to the way he criticized and lampooned the Republican establishment. Average Republican-leaning voters feel they have been ignored by the Republican establishment for decades and no longer feel any allegiance to them. These voters saw Trump as an outsider who was willing to challenge that establishment.

  • The GOP establishment hates Trump

    Before they fell in line for the election, the elite of the GOP tried everything that they could to make him look bad in the media. After Trump bulldozed his way through their most powerful candidates, they had to eventually accept him. However, those initial votes for Trump during the primary were mostly a rejection of the same-old GOP ideas and candidates.

  • He has sour grapes.

    Jon Stewart and the rest of the media are simply upset that their candidate did not win the election. They call names and try to make the people that voted for Trump feel badly about themselves. All Trump stands for is anti-statism. He does not stand for all the things Stewart accuses him of.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    This comment is a "repudiation" of Jon Stewart. Why would anyone seek his opinion? It might be a repudiation of establishment republicans but by no means is it a rebuke of conservative/republican values. Stewart is just another liberal who got it wrong and doesn't realize it.... Jon, you are no longer relevant.

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