Jonah Hill and the papparazzi: Was Hill's verbal attack of the papparazzi taunting him justified?

  • No, there is no justification comes from moral conduct

    Hill's verbal attack of the papparazzi may be an understandable reaction to their behavior, but for an action to be justified it must be also be the morally right thing to do. It is immoral to try to harm someone out of anger, even if the harm comes in the form of a verbal attack. Hill's words were spoken in anger to cause offense were therefore immoral and not justified.

  • It must be so annoying.

    Yes, Jonah Hill's attack of the papparazzi taunting him was justified, because it must be really annoying to have someone follow them around all the time. The papparazzi profit off of embarrassing and unflattering pictures of these people. Sometimes they just want to go out for a meal or have their errands done in peace.

  • No it was not.

    Jonah Hill has been a supporter for same sex rights his entire celebrity career. It just makes it that much worse that he would use a world like that. That word is unacceptable in our culture and heckling even the worst paparazzi with it should not be justifiable. I am utterly horrified by what Jonah Hill was trying to get away with.

  • No, it was not justified.

    While I understand how frustrating it must be to be stalked and hounded all day every day, that doesn't mean it gives you the right to verbally attack someone. Many celebrities have the means to hire personal security teams to prevent this kind of issues from occurring. There are many things that Jonah Hill could have done in order to get away from this man and not resort to verbal attacks.

  • No, Jonah's verbal attack was not justified.

    I do not think that Jonah Hill's homophobic response to the verbal taunting by the papparazzi was justified. I think that as a celebrity, it is important that they try to not take the bait from such people like photographers and papparazzi. It was an incredibly foolish think for Jonah Hill to say.

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