• Yes it was

    To me, it feels like Jonah Hill's apology was not sincere and forced. It feels like it was a mechanical apology that his publicist created for him even though Jonah does not realize that he has done wrong. I don't think that he feels guilty and needs to do more than apologize.

  • Jonah Hill Sincere

    Jonah Hill was very apologetic about his use of a homophobic hate word. He seemed very emotional and explained he used the word at someone he hated but did not mean the homophobic tone behind his choice of words. Jonah Hill made a mistake, made people aware of his bad decision, and was extremely emotional and apologetic over his use of the word.

  • No, I think it was real.

    He apologized multiple times and each time it was extremely well said and seemed from the heart. He sounded like he deeply regretted what he said and it seemed to really eat him up on the inside especially because he has gay friends and family members. I think after being harrassed all day sometimes people just think before speaking.

  • People can talk.

    No, Jonah Hill's apology was not phony, because celebrities are monitored all the time. Any little thing they say can be taken out of context or misunderstood. It's unfair that they have tape recorders called journalists on them all the time. He realized what he said was wrong and did the right thing and apologized for it.

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