Jonah Hill snaps when taunted by paparazzi: Has our celebrity-obsessed culture allowed the paparazzi to go to far?

  • To some extent, yes

    Jonah Hill acquitted himself very well when he made an apology on The Tonight Show. Celebrities chose to be in the public eye, and to some extent, that means paparazzi and stalkerazzi. Celebrities should not have to feel threatened, or feel that their children or families are threatened, but do have to understand that they will be press targets, and that in pursuit of photos, almost nothing is too much for the paparazzi.

  • Yes, paparazzis have gone too far.

    I believe that our celebrity-obsessed culture has caused some people in the photography and paparazzi field to go too far when in it comes to getting the pictures they want from celebrities. I still do not think that justifies what Jonah Hill said though. He should have been smarter than that.

  • Yes, Paparazzi are getting out of hand.

    I think the Paparazzi are becoming more and more aggressive and are starting to go way over the line when trying to get pictures of celebrities. Although I think as a celebrity there are times that because of your job you need to understand what you signed up with. I think the Paparazzi are going way to far especially when dealing with the kids of celebrities. I think they have no repsect and will go over any line to get the picture they are looking for.

  • No, I don't believe it has.

    The paparazzi may have become more aggressive in the last few decades, but the hounding of celebrities was always a part of Hollywood's culture. I would argue that most celebrities have access to more security resources than celebrities in the past. The live in gated communities and can hire groups of people to protect them if they wish. They should use all of the resources available to them.

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