Jonas Hill hands out wise-cracking business cards instead of signing autographs: Is Jonas Hill an elitist snob?

  • Yes it seems so.

    Jonah Hill has one of the strongest filmographies of any early 30s actor working today. In a career barely 10 years old he's already worked with Scorsese, Tarantino, David O. Russell, Greg Mottola and Jake Kasdan and incredibly promising directors like the Duplass brothers and Bennett Miller. What do you expect from a 30-year-old?

  • No, Jonah Hill is not an elitist snob for handing out wise-cracking business cards, but rather a very funny actor.

    Jonah Hill is a wise-cracking comedian and actor, and he would not in any way try to offend people by not signing autographs. It is abundantly clear by his craft of work that he is someone full of humor. He never takes himself that seriously, in life or in his acting career. Anyone offended by his joke, more likely than not, does not understand his personality and non-traditional humor. There could not be anyone further from being an elitist snob than Jonah Hill. In my opinion, he would actually consider that to be a rise in his status, rather than a criticism.

  • No, this doesn't make him an elitist snob.

    Jonas Hill might be an elitist snob but its not because he hands out wise-cracking business cards instead of signing autographs. The business cards are actually funny and clever - giving Hill a fast way to hand out lots of cards to fans - instead of taking the time to sign a lot of autographs.

  • No, he's funny

    He's not a snob. He's a comedian. He's a funny guy, and has a great sense of humor. This is just the type of thing I would expect him to do. What about this makes him an elitist snob? No one says a celebrity is required to hand out their autograph to anyone and everyone. It's his choice. He could just completely ignore his fans altogether. That would qualify him as a snob.

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