Jonathan Pollard: Would Pollard's release lead to peace between Palestine and Israel?

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  • No, It Won't

    The release of Jonathan Pollard will not lead to peace between Palestine and Israel. This argument has been going on for so long that they barely know what they're fighting for. Changing one thing today is not going to make this fighting go away and anyone that is half way knowledgeable about the situation should know that.

  • No, Pollard's release would hardly have any impact

    The issues between Palestine and Israel are far more complicated and too complex in nature and they cannot be resolved by the release of Jonathan Pollard. Although setting him free will definitely fulfil the wish of Israel but it will hardly have any impact on the current relationship between these two nations.

  • Pollard's release unlikely to lead to peace between warring nations

    The conflict and tensions between Palestine and Israel are too deep seated to be affected by the release of one man. There are many greater issues between these two warring countries than the setting free of one prisoner and it is unlikely to lead to any lasting and binding peace agreements.

  • peace between them?

    The Israeli government has long sought the release of the spy, Jonathan J. Pollard, a former Navy intelligence analyst, who is serving a life sentence in a North Carolina prison for passing classified documents to his Israeli handlers. But the United States has steadfastly refused, in part because of the vehement opposition of the nation’s intelligence agencies.

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