Jones and Cormier break out fighting at Las Vegas fight promotion event: Should Jones be penalized for his actions in the brawl?

  • Yes, there is a time and place

    I feel that both parties involved should be penalized. You should save the fighting for the ring someone could have got hurt especially a innocent bystander. I feel they should have more control and not act reckless. I thought it came off as cheap and took away from the actual fight.

  • Jones deserves a penalty

    One could argue this was a media promotion to stir up more viewers, but regardless Jones needs to be penalized for his actions. There is a place to settle who is best and that place is the ring. This created a bad image for Jones and a penalty needs to be handed down to ensure this behavior does not happen again.

  • Accomplishing the Goal

    Why should he be punished? He accomplished exactly what his handlers wanted him to do, promote the fight. The very fact that we are discussing and debating this issue today proves that it was an attempt to improve the promotion of the fight. It is a time tested method, not much different than what is done with the promotional interview in wrestling entertainment.

  • Jone and Comier fighting Penazlization.

    Should Jones be penalized for his actions at the Las Vegas fight promotion? I do not beleieve that he should be penalized. He was not the only one in the brawl. Cormier was also participating in the fight. Jones should not be penalized if Cormier is not. That would be unfair.

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